Corporate Control of Instant Messengers

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Key Features:

UserGate Instant Messengers Control is a messenger control solution by Entensys, which can be used to optimize employees’ work time, prevent data leaks and information security threats.

Messenger Control in Corporate Networks

Uncontrolled use of messengers in corporate networks can cause work time abuse by employees, data leaks and threats to network information security if any infected files are received.

UserGate IM Control provides IM usage control within the corporate network allowing the tracking, provision of permissions or the prohibition of ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru Agent, MSN and Yahoo Messenger protocols.

Creation of IM Accounts Black and White Lists

Control is provided by white- and black-listing messenger accounts and permitting or prohibiting transmission of messages. Messages sent from or received by the black-listed accounts are blocked.

Message Contents Monitoring and Prevention of Data Leaks (DLP)

All authentications and messages transmitted via ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru Agent, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN messengers will be stored, can be viewed and automatically analyzed and processed. Depending on the settings suspicious messages can be either blocked or tracked and delivered to the receiver.

Automatic Message Text Analysis

UserGate IM Control can monitor the contents of messages transmitted via IM. Morphological analysis and regular expression analysis functions allow to block or record messages, which contain preset keywords, as well as forms of words and regular expressions.

Technical Information

This product is a gateway solution for OS Linux servers, managed from a web-console.

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White Paper: Optimization of a Company’s Costs Associated with Internet Usage

Costs associated with Internet use have grown significantly for the majority of companies. However, this is not unusual as many companies’ work requires different types of Internet access. Managers consistently search for ways to reduce Internet-related costs and avoid wasting Internet resources.


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