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UserGate Proxy & Firewall is a UTM (Unified Threat Management) class solution for sharing and monitoring employees access to the local and Internet resources, for filtering FTP and HTTP traffic, as well as for administering the network in your company. The product can be used in small- and mid-sized companies instead of relying on large and expensive hardware or software alternatives.

Complex security

UserGate provides complex LAN security due to three integrated antivirus modules Kaspersky Lab, Panda Security and Avira. These modules control all types of network traffic including mail, HTTP and FTP traffic. In addition to antivirus modules UserGate is fitted out with a built-in firewall, which provides reliable LAN protection against hacker attacks by Intrusion Prevention System (IDPS). The solution has a full-rate VPN server with a possibility of creation "server-to-server" tunnel, routing between subnets and VPN connections support.


Users' monitoring and control

With UserGate, you can enforce as strict an Internet access policy as you want, to ensure that the Internet is used appropriately in your company. The integrated Entensys URL Filtering 2.0 module allows you to apply web filters, and helps boost employee productivity by giving you total control over what sites your employees can access. UserGate also includes an application filtering module that lets you allow or deny Internet access to network applications installed on client machines. User statistics are available in comprehensive reports directly accessible from within the program, or remotely via a web browser.


Internet traffic optimization

UserGate incorporates NAT and application-layer proxy capabilities and works as a point of entry to the Internet for a local network. You can share Internet access among employees in your company, use multiple ISPs, and manage traffic to avoid traffic congestion and make effective use of an existing Internet connection.


User-friendly deployment and administration

With DHCP serversupport, you can make UserGate dynamically assign IP-addresses in your local network. The resource publishing feature enables you to provide access to your companys internet resources from the outside. Finally, UserGate is capable of working with multiple ISPs, switching users to the secondary connection when the primary connection is broken, as well as routing different users to different ISPs.


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What people say

UserGate has really been a boon as it has provided the much wanted security while accessing the internet. Thanks to Usergate it has opened the world of surfing for me and my company without the added tension of virus attacks or the lurking hacker.

Samir Dhingra,



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