UserGate Web Filter Installation Options

Virtual Appliance

UserGate Web Filter Virtual Appliance allows rapid deployment of the virtual machine featuring preinstalled components. The appliance is created in OVF (Open Virtualization Format) supporting vendors such as VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox.

UserGate Web Filter Virtual Appliance in more detail

ISO image

Using an ISO image enables you to perform automatic installation of UserGate Web Filter from a CD/DVD. This installation option does not require the user to enter a set of commands to launch the installation process.

Instructions for installing UserGate Web Filter using an ISO image

UserGate Web Filter ISO image in more detail

Installation from repository

The procedure for installing the package on the Ubuntu operating systems from a repository is described in detail in the specialist section.

Instructions for installing the package from a repository

Software solution in more detail

Implementing UserGate Web Filter Appliance

The fastest way to begin working with UserGate Web Filter is to implement the package with a preset configuration. To implement UserGate WebFilter Appliance, simply connect to the mains electricity supply and follow the instructions in the "UserGate Web Filter Appliance – quick start" user manual.

If you have questions about purchasing the UserGate Web Filter Appliance package, please contact us at or by telephone on +1 866 503 4824.

UserGate Web Filter Appliance – quick start

Hardware appliance in more detail