Product Overview

UserGate Web Filter helps mitigate the risks posed by user Internet browsing by filtering dangerous content, malware, social media, and other web threats. It allows you to monitor user web browsing and optimize bandwidth usage. The product effectively enforces acceptable use policy in order to enable compliance with regulations. UserGate Web Filter provides Deep Content Inspection (DCI) supporting all major languages. In addition, it provides full inspection of HTTPS/SSL web traffic using transparent “trusted man-in-the-middle” (MitM) technology, enforces SSL usage policy, and certifies validity.

How does it work?

UserGate Web Filter combines multiple filtering methods, including high accuracy URL filtering, real-time content analysis, banner and pop-up blocking, safe search, and other methods. Web filtering is performed at the level of DNS and HTTP/HTTPS requests.

UserGate Web Filter operates as an ICAP-server receiving filtering requests from any proxy server or network gateway. You can deploy it as a software appliance, virtual machine, or hardware appliance.