E-mail Management

UserGate Mail Server basic features include domain and account management, Web-client, distribution list support, remote accounts management, LDAP support and a powerful and flexible rules system.

Domain Management

UserGate Mail Server can run on one or more domains at the same time. Domain is the key setting of the mail server. Administrator may list domains to be processed by the mail server. UserGate Mail Server also supports remote domains.

LDAP Synchronization

LDAP Sync option in mail domain settings can be used to synchronize accounts with LDAP directory, for example, MS Active Directory. This allows centralized accounts management, reduces potential errors and makes mail server administration an easier process.

Web Client

UserGate Mail Server supports access to e-mail via a web-based application (UserGate WebMail). You can use the web client to receive access to all functions of your mail from any web browser.

Remote Access

You can administer the mail server no matter where you are or which browser application you are using.

Remote Account Management

Mail downloaders with POP3 and IMAP support help manage remote accounts.

Distribution Lists

UserGate Mail Server supports two mail distribution modes. When in Public mode, you can send messages from any address. When in Membership mode, only users listed in the distribution settings will be allowed to send messages to a group distribution address.


UserGate Mail Server processes messages in accordance with rules (Message Rules). A rule is a set of conditions combined under an AND/OR function into one or several actions that will be initiated if a certain condition is true. Mail server processes rules step by step in a downward order, and each given message may be processed by several rules. For nonlinear processing, the application offers you to “Stop processing,” after which all downstream rules will not be considered, and “Go to rule” to move to a certain rule downstream in the rules list.


The product supports SSL, POP3s, SMTPs and IMAPs protocols for secure e-mail access. Additionally, UserGate Mail Server features cloud-based antivirus module and three integrated antivirus modules from Kaspersky Lab, Panda Security and Avira. All these modules are used to scan SMTP traffic for viruses.

Cloud Antivirus

UserGate Mail Server does not require installing a large application that would take up most of your server’s resources to run properly. The performance of the cloud-based antivirus module integrated in UserGate Mail Server only depends on your Internet channel’s workload, in other words, the connection speed. Our solution is not based just on virus signatures, as is common for many other antivirus solutions. By using hundreds of servers (honeypots) located all over the world, together with our technological partners, we monitor the Web continuously to detect mass virus epidemics immediately as they break out. This approach enables proactive virus detection, allowing you to begin fighting a new virus before it infects millions of computers.

Several levels of spam protection

When processed by UserGate Mail Server, messages go through several filtering stages, including connection filtering, sender filtering, recipient filtering and content filtering. UserGate Mail Server supports DNS-based filtering (DNSBL, RHSBL, Backscatter, MX, SPF, SURBL), distributed antispam system filtering, statistical filtering (Bayesian filtering). In addition, UserGate Mail Server SMTP monitoring (ensures the commands comply with RFC), allows to set maximum message size, maximum number of addressees, etc.

Cloud Antispam

Cloud Antispam Module filters messages based on their content assessment and heuristics analysis. Our filtering technology allows the analysis of spam messages written in any language, as well as graphical messages. Cloud Antispam Module sends to the cloud-based service a UID of a message, which helps define if the message contains spam, and further blocks this specific message or stops spam attack instead of blocking the IP address, domain or e-mail address. One of the key advantages of Cloud Antispam Module is a low false response level – less than one in 1.5 mln messages. At the same time, the spam detection rate is 97%.

IMAP integration

UserGate Mail Server supports integration with an IMAP server (MS Exchange or Lotus Domino). The integration feature allows creating a public IMAP folder on a remote mail server and processing messages in this folder.

Monitoring and statistics

UserGate Mail Server supplies you with information on all the messages processed by the server. Message monitoring tool allows you to organize messages by date, processing status (delivered/blocked) and source or destination address, push-send messages blocked as spam, and create exceptions lists.

Other features

UserGate Mail Server also features e-mail аrchiving, automatic reply, mail processing rules configuration, web console service management and selection of random dates in mail history.