GateWall Cloud Antispam

Content Filtering

Entensys Cloud Antispam Module filters messages based on their content assessment and heuristics analysis. Commtouch filtering technology used in the product allows the analysis of spam messages written in any language, as well as graphical messages. Commtouch Spam Detection Center is capable of detecting spam attacks coming from any location in the world.

Low False Response Level

One of the key merits of Entensys Cloud Antispam Module is a low false response level Ц less than one in 1.5 mln messages. At the same time, the spam detection rate is 97%. Traditional spam protection method based on IP and DNS black lists has a significantly higher occurrence of false response, while users that are not spammers are often added to black lists. This usually happens when a computer within a LAN is successfully attacked by spammers and later used to distribute spam messages.

Entensys Cloud Antispam Module sends to the cloud-based service a UID of a message, which helps define if the message contains spam, and further blocks this specific message or stops spam attack instead of blocking the IP address, domain or e-mail address. This feature of Entesys Antispam makes it useful for companies, where deletion of messages considered to be spam can cause loss of clients or other problems.

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