Internet access control and URL filtering without hardware appliances or proxy servers

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Key Features:

GateWall DNS Filter provides filetring of Internet websites without using any software or hardware proxy-servers or Internet-gateways. Via utilization of this product, the user increases Internet safety, lowers non-targeted traffic, and improves his work productivity on the Internet.

GateWall DNS Filter is used in corporate networks by medium and large-sized companies, and is based on the private cloud principle; the solution is popular with Internet providers offering parental monitoring over Internet access, and is used for Internet access monitoring in schools, and other state institutions. One installed server can service tens of thousands of users.

Blocking URL Categories

GateWall DNS Filter uses Entensys URL Filtering 2.0 with the largest URL database, which contains 500 million websites broken down by categories. An administrator may easily configure the utility to block websites that belong to such categories, as pornography, malicious sites, online casinos, online gaming and entertainment portals, social networks, torrents and P2P services, proxy-servers, anonymizers, etc. You may also allow default access to certain websites thorough white lists or block access to specific sites regardless of any other settings.

The program is administered in a web-based control panel. Its access-rights control feature lets you assign access rights to specific users in addition to the administrator.

Safe Internet Access

GateWall DNS Filter blocks websites associated with such threats, as phishing, Trojans, keyloggers, botnets and other malicious software.


GateWall DNS Filter records the statistics of all visited sites’ categories, as well as the allowed and blocked requests. You may use these statistics reports for an in-depth assessment of unwanted Internet usage.

Cloud Application

GateWall DNS Filter is a cloud-based solution. Therefore, it does not require local installation of any hardware or software solutions. The program remembers the current network mapping, security settings and processes executed by all existing applications. URL database updates run in the background and do not interfere with the users’ work.

Range of Use

DNS filtering is the easiest and the most understandable traffic filtering solution for schools and colleges, public institutions and large and mid-sized companies. GateWall DNS Filter lets you control a large number of departments, branches, schools, colleges, etc. combined in a single network.

New opportunities for Internet providers

The new version was adapted for Internet providers and gives the opportunity to integrate with the provider’s billing system through a specially developed API. One of the main features of the product is the simplicity of the solution’s deployment as a “cloud” service, offering almost unlimited system scalability.

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Case Study: St. Benedict's Hospital

By implementing UserGate Proxy & Firewall, St. Benedict’s Hospital IT specialists simplified their local network administration and Internet access, reduced the costs of Internet resource usage, and improved network security with enhanced authentication and management tools.

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UserGate is easy to install, quick to deploy and simple to manage. It doesn’t require any special knowledge and has a clear, intuitive interface. The installation including the settings procedure takes about 10 minutes.

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