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Entensys URL Filtering allows to restrict access to potentially dangerous or unwanted web sites. This technology benefits from the use of BrightCloud Hosted Service that stands out as arguably the best hosted web filtering solution on the market is its ability to address “Long Tail” websites.

Put shortly, the Long Tail represents websites that are less popular and are visited less frequently than the 20 million top web sites. Most web-filtering solutions on the market today have around 20 million sites in their database which are scattered across the most popular sites. Even if those 20 million sites represented the top 20 million sites - which they don't - only 50% of enterprise user browsing would be covered. Consequently, companies would face the risk of having the local network compromised, because Internet threats are evenly spread across all sites on the Web and not only across the top 20M.

BrightCloud has the largest and most accurate database in the industry with over 470 million URLs covering both the top-visited sites and sites that make up the Long Tail. With the web-filtering module from BrightCloud, you will always be sure that whatever site is visited by your employees, it is most likely already included in BrightCloud’s cloud database and can therefore be easily blocked.

How it works

Every time a user visits a website, UserGate checks the BrightCloud Database to see if the requested page is listed in any of the restricted categories. If the page matches the database, UserGate automatically denies access to the page. The user can also be prompted with a warning page that says their activity has been logged for their administrator to review.

BrightCloud Feedback Loop

An important aspect of the BrightCloud Master Database is that it benefits from the browsing habits of all end users. Whenever a user visits an uncategorized page, that URL is anonymously logged and queued for categorization. The site is categorized via either automated or human classifiers and the database is updated.

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