Linking to UserGate Web Filter Cloud service

UserGate Web Filter Cloud is a cloud solution based on DNS requests filtering that allows blocking dangerous and non-target resources, and analysis of Internet use.

1. Register on the website:

  • click "Register";
  • fill up the registration form;
  • after the form is filled up you will be automatically authorized.
UserGate Web Filter Cloud registration form

2. Log in for cloud service:

  • at the product page click "Log in";
  • enter your login and password from the registration form;
  • the system will automatically create your cloud service profile.
Enter your login and password

3. Activate cloud service:

  • choose "Service Activation";
  • activate either free test option or enter received license key.
Activate cloud service

Note! After the service was successfully activated it's important to wait for about 5-10 minutes for the system to synchronize the data.

4. Start Admin Console:

  • Start the Admin console to make basic cloud service settings.
Start Admin Console

5. Enter Ip adress in DNS settings:

  • Enter IP adress of UserGate Web Filter Cloud (, in DNS settings of client PCs.
Enter Ip adress in DNS settings