UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.1 - user-friendly administrator console and simple work with VPN client

Entensys, the leading developer and Internet security expert, presents UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.1.

UserGate Proxy Firewall is a full-scale UTM solution which enables you to ensure integrated security of the local network, control general internet access and launch of web applications, create and maintain VPN connections, filter unwanted and dangerous resources, manage band width and create virtual networks. The first version of the sixth generation was released in November 2012.

UserGate Web Filter: comprehensive Internet filtering for networks of all types and sizes

Entensys, a leading expert and developer in Internet security, announces the release of UserGate Web Filter.

Internet filtering is on the minds of many administrators and is mandated by law in many countries. Effective protection from inappropriate content is critical at schools, government agencies, and companies; it is also a key option that Internet providers must offer their users.

VivaCell-МТS will ensure protection of children from harmful websites through Entensys technologies

Armenia’s leading telecommunications operator VivaCell-MTS, a subsidiary of Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, is launching a new tariff plan called “MTS Connect Limited” within the frames of which website filtration service is implemented in order to limit access to resources not intended for children. The system of internet-censor was developed on the base of Entensys URL Filtering.