UserGate Web Filter on Micro Platforms – a Compact Content Filtering System

The technical team of Entensys has adapted UserGate Web Filter for micro-sized platforms. As part of the project, a content filtering solution was installed on an Odroid U2 device. A less powerful device based on Raspberry Pi had been presented earlier.

The key advantage of integrating products into micro platforms is their compact size combined with decent performance. Odroid U2 supports connections as fast as 14 Mbps that make it possible to build an Internet traffic processing system based on UserGate Web Filter in a local network comprised of up to 100 workstations.

UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.1 - user-friendly administrator console and simple work with VPN client

Entensys, the leading developer and Internet security expert, presents UserGate Proxy & Firewall 6.1.

UserGate Proxy Firewall is a full-scale UTM solution which enables you to ensure integrated security of the local network, control general internet access and launch of web applications, create and maintain VPN connections, filter unwanted and dangerous resources, manage band width and create virtual networks. The first version of the sixth generation was released in November 2012.